National Sensing Initiative (SILC-NSI)

SILC-NSI is an industry-led collaboration of four sensor systems-focused centres of excellence who have agreed to combine their specialist expertise and networks to develop a coordinated approach to measurement and sensing technology opportunities for companies throughout the UK.

The NSI will have industry and the SME community at its heart and will address the SILC and UK Government’s agenda by:

  • Accelerating the commercial development of the UK’s world leading university and SME sensor technologies
  • Championing confidence in data delivered by sensing systems
  • Exploring skills base and development capability
  • Bridging the gap between research and the needs of industry
  • Removing barriers to global businesses accessing the capabilities of SMEs
  • Generating a cluster of expertise and contacts to support UK industry
  • Providing a showcase of UK innovation and emerging technologies
  • Encouraging inward investment to the UK
  • Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, start-ups and business leaders

The four NSI members lie in the heart of sensing innovation in the UK:

The initiative will leverage public investment from a variety of sources, including industrial, innovation grants and regional development funding.

Directory of services offered by SILC-NSI


For Sensor Systems Suppliers

  • Horizon scanning – threats and opportunities
  • Design tools and consultancy
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Specialist manufacturing and Assembly for volume manufacture of sensing systems
  • Simulation of sensing systems
  • Testing – evaluation; demonstration; qualification
  • De-risking and ideas testing
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Incubator space
  • Market potential studies


For Sensor System Users

  • Technology Search
  • Support with IoT, IIoT deployment
  • Testing
  • Sensing System performance evaluation
  • Sensor system integration design support and modelling
  • Risk assessment


Potential future offerings for SILC Members

  • Technology and partner sourcing, collaboration brokerage
  • Standards development and promotion
  • Developing funding bids
  • Training
  • Technology roadmaps and audits
  • Access to specialists in: MEMS; Microfluidics; Wireless Networking; Energy Harvesting; Data Analytics; Modelling; Data Fusion; Measurement Systems Analysis; Packaging for harsh environment; biosensors; regulatory and funding issues, Robust design, life-cycle engineering and sustainability